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February 06, 2011

As I mentioned in a previous post, my condo is in a lovely Spanish Colonial style heritage building in midtown Toronto.  It's a low-rise building with just 24 units and, as it was built in 1928, has all sorts of character that I feel is missing from newer buildings.
building architectural details
The front stairwell, and one of the lights flanking the front door
A major bonus with my unit is the room sizes are actually reasonable - my bedroom is 13'x9', and my closet, instead of being some pokey little cube is almost 7ft long!!  Try finding that in a new-build (and actually be able to afford it).

I've been trying to come up with a way to describe the layout of my home in a way that would enable you to picture it and I've had a little trouble.  As the saying goes - 'A picture is worth a thousand words', so here you go: 
One bedroom condo floorplan

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